Got closets and basements full of stuff you never use? Need stuff but don’t feel like paying for it? Try Freecycle – a never-ending garage sale of free stuff.

Freecycle is a network of over 9 million people connected via online community groups who give and/or receive stuff for free in their own hometowns everyday. Everything from toys, to computers, to household items is available in an online, always-on garage sale for free stuff.
Number of Freecycle Communities as of today: 3,094. This post was originally from 2006, the number has now grown to over 5,000!)

This concept helps keep stuff from going into our landfills. Reuse/recycle means less need for virgin material, and it reduces the strain on valuable resources, such as fuel, forest and water supplies. Promotes a sense of community spirit, and teaches kids (and, um, er, adults) the importance of giving.

I use Freecycle on a regular basis.. I gave away a 55 gallon aquarium, a TV stand, and an old sink I never got around to remodeling my bathroom with. I got my windows to start the cold frame there. I got a load of cinder blocks to use in my raised beds… I got a free coffee table too…

It is especially good for bigger items like furniture that you may not want or have the means to haul off on your own. I got rid of EVERYTHING in my garage to other freecyclers.

Wanna Try?

Easy – just visit the Freecycle Network.
If your community doesn’t have one already, start a Freecycle group today.

Want other sites for exchanging stuff? Try:



The Ready Store
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