Baby Chicks Off the Lights

These guys were on heat lamps until today. The temps overnight are still dipping in the low 40’s, but TODAY it’s going to be in the 80’s and they get to be outside! The chicks are being ‘weaned’ from the heating lamp. They are getting feathered out. They are looking quite beautiful! It is going to rain this weekend. Now I can only hope they have the good sense to use their little ramp and come in out of the rain.

Normally I wouldn’t put them out until they are fully feathered, but the temps are in the 80’s and they will be fine outdoors. They jumped and peeped and are having the best time with all the room to run, they don’t quite know what to do with themselves. I spent well over an hour just watching them play until they settled down to scratching… what a lovely way to spend a morning!

baby chicks eating
first day in the BIG world!

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