Time for new chicks!

Guess what my mother informed me she found while perusing my favorite ag store today? BABY CHICKENS! in the fall no less… I was really torn. Starting baby chicks in the fall… getting them grown up enough to face a cold surly winter. Should I? Mr. Red is so lonely… he needs some more of his own kind. What is a rooster, without hens?

So, I go home, I research the city statutes that I had left the girls to do last time we bought chicks in the spring. Sure enough, they were right. We are allowed twelve birds. Only one can be a rooster… well, that is accomplished well enough, so I bought eleven chicks. Once again, hoping for the best. If you’ll recall, that’s what we thought we bought last time.
baby chicks in a box in the house
I’m keeping my fingers crossed. The just cheep and talk. They are really adorable. Last time, in the spring, I didn’t have to worry about temps, it was just so warm and a plain old light bulb was perfectly adequate, but with winter coming on, this time, I bought them a red heat lamp. They are warm and toasty in my LIVING ROOM. One more REALLY motivating reason to get the chicken coop finished!

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