Solar Eclipse Survival Tips

There are many people being sucked into rumor mill discussions on what may or may not happen when the solar eclipse hits on April 8th, 2024. The truth is, you don’t have to buy into a major SHTF event in order to know you need to be prepared.

Other people are glancing back at 2017 wondering what the big deal is – not realizing that there was a miniature issue that, while it may not be devastating, still inconveniences people in many major ways. These issues can be problematic, and you should prepare for them just as you would a major survival event.

The doomsdayers are gossiping about all sorts of problems that may happen – from major earthquakes to solar EMPs and more. Even media and government agencies are advising people to get ready, so this isn’t something where you have to believe it’s the end of the world – just common sense that it’s going to attract major crowds, which can cause a run on supplies and other problems that overwhelm communities.

People are flying in from all over the world to places within the line of the eclipse, which puts a strain on services and supplies in those locations. If the eclipse occurs on Monday the 8th, you need to be ready the Wednesday or Thursday prior to it at the latest.

Don’t wait until everyone flies in from elsewhere over the weekend, because then supplies will start dwindling and you’ll be left in a lurch. There are also issues expected to take place during the eclipse and soon after, which we’ll discuss so that you can prepare.

Already, many school districts are closing or reverting to online remote learning because of the issues experienced in 2017, and this is just to protect the schoolchildren and their parents from having to go through any complications.

Many cities and towns are already declaring a state of disaster ahead of the event just so they can get the supplies and assistance they predict they’ll need with police forces, emergency services, fuel, food and more.

Food and Water Supplies Will Become Scarce

As more people flood into the community, grocery store shelves will become thin and bare. This is akin to what happens when a major weather event unfolds. So you’ll want to have all of your necessary meal supplies for at least a week’s worth of food beforehand.

Keep in mind that some places – from small towns to big cities, see an influx of tens of thousands, if not over a million people flocking to that location. Stores don’t usually prepare for that, so supplies simply run out.

Don’t expect restaurants to rescue you, either. Even during the pandemic, fast food and sit down restaurants had trouble keeping food in stock. You’ll find that they run out just like the grocery stores.

What kind of food should you stock up on? There are some who will advise you to have specific survival foods, but for a short term event, just get your favorite family foods that you normally eat.

If you worry about the grid going down due to a system that’s being overloaded with demand, you might consider foods that you can easily cook off the grid on the grill, in a solar cooker, etc.

You may want to have a small generator on hand to help you with certain electricity issues if you want to make sure your fridge keeps running or that you can charge something up in a jiffy.

There is some speculation about the water treatment plants losing power, which would be an issue for water supplies. It’s a good idea to make sure you have at least one gallon per person per day on hand so that if this is an issue, you won’t even have to think about it.

Solar Eclipse Survival Tips

Stock Up on Gas Unless You Want to Get Stuck

When too many people suddenly descend on a location, gas runs out quickly. You then start hearing about low gas supplies, and suddenly there’s a run on all gas – making sure everybody has a problem on their hands.

Hopefully, you’ll get to be home and not worry about it anyway. But in case you have to go to work or school or elsewhere on Monday (or the days shortly prior and after), you don’t want to be on empty and not have access to gas.

You may want to get extra for your generator or lawn mower and other things that you need fuel for, if you plan to use it during that time. You want to top off your tank days before and keep it full whenever possible.

If you drive an electric vehicle, make sure you have it fully charged ahead of time. You may see a strain on the grid, causing it to go down, stranding you in the process. When a city or town swells to double or triple the size instantly, it can be problematic for electric needs.

Emergency Services May Get Overwhelmed

In 2017, due to the sudden population spike in these areas, emergency services got overwhelmed. You want to make sure you take every precaution to protect your family from medical problems.

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You may have trouble getting to a medical facility if the traffic is bad, or even having EMS get to you if they can’t get through the traffic jams. So make sure you have your prescriptions on hand ahead of time so you don’t have to try to make it to the doctor or hospital or even a pharmacy at the last minute.

Your family will want to have a first aid kit (and know how to use it). Don’t just get one for your home, either. Have one in your place of work or backpack at school and also have one in your car.

Make sure you’re well prepared for other emergencies, too – such as fire. Have fire extinguishers in your home, fire blankets and other precautions in case firetrucks can’t arrive at your home quickly.

Travel Becomes More Difficult on Main Roads

Congestion is a focal point of problems that’s being discussed. In the 2017 eclipse, highways were jammed as people traveled to areas where they thought they could get the best view.

Your GPS system may not work, so you also can’t rely on it to help you navigate around the area. You’ll want to print off or purchase a local map ahead of time, or print driving directions if you need to go somewhere.

You might not be able to zip around town as quickly as you do normally. In this situation, streets will be clogged so you need to give yourself ample time to travel even short distances.

You also want to have a compass on hand and know how to use it. It’s a good idea to teach your teen drivers what to do in this situation as well. Many of them are reliant on Waze and other GPS systems to help them get around.

It’s not just the roads, either. If you’re planning on traveling by boat or plane, expect congestion around the path of the eclipse there, too. Some towns saw many additional flights landing, and waterways clogged with people watching it from the water.

Whenever there is more traffic, you can expect more injuries, crashes and problems taking place on the roads. So this level of emergency demand will also strain the system.

Some people try to watch the eclipse while driving, so you have to look out for those individuals and drive defensively. You also have to be aware of people pulling off on the side of the highway to stop and stare, so watch for those hazards.

You Want to Have Cash on Hand at All Times

This is another issue where electricity demands might be a problem for consumers. You may end up like a storm situation, where the grid goes down temporarily and you are stuck having to pay cash for what you need.

Ideally, you’ll have everything you need and not have to venture out during or shortly before or after the eclipse. But sometimes you forget something, and have to make a quick run to the store.

If this happens and you only have your debit or credit card, if the machines aren’t working due to no electricity, you won’t be able to buy it without cash on hand. Have small bills, because you don’t know how much extra cash the store will have.

Communication Might Go Out Temporarily

Keep your phone charged ahead of time. If the grid does go down due to demand, just as it might during a harsh winter or summer, you want to have a back up phone charger fully charged so that you can continue communicating with others.

But keep in mind that sometimes, as we saw in NYC during 9/11, cell phone towers can get overwhelmed by major demand, so that might not even be something you can turn to.

You may want to warn your family about the possibility of jammed signals and have a plan to gather at a certain location or communicate via email if possible. Also write down phone numbers and have them on hand.

You may also want to have a landline installed if you don’t have one still. Landlines will continue working even if the smart phone towers are out for a short time. But of course the other person you’re calling would need one, too if their tower was overwhelmed.

The total solar eclipse is sometimes a once in a lifetime event for people. It’s something you should welcome and enjoy fully. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get ready for some minor and major inconveniences.

You don’t want to have what should be a fascinating experience cause problems for you and your family. Instead, some simple preparations can make this a problem-free experience that allows you to relax and get through anything that may occur.

You might put together a solar eclipse survival bag that includes a backup phone charger, solar eclipse glasses, some cash in small bills, a water bottle, and maps of where you might be traveling to.

Solar Eclipse Survival Tips
Solar Eclipse Tips

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