Emerging From Winter With Herbs

We are writing from different places, with different climates and different experiences.  But the awakening of Spring stirs something in each of us.  And we make our preparations, whether from a Lenten fast, Passover, a week-long cleanse or just the venture out to harvest the wild greens we have been craving.

LadyBarbara wrote Rising Spring about the quickening of the season and how she changes her diet for that new movement.

Rosalee de la Foret wrote about Spring violets, Emerging from Winter to Find Violet

Sean Donohue wrote Skunk Cabbage: New England Bear Medicine about the plant that heats its way up through the snow and feeds the bears after the acorns are gone.

Granny Sam Gahagan writes from her snow covered lair about Emerging from Winter in the Appalachians.  (You westerners might not know that we still have winter, with more storms to come- makes it a bit hard to get into the Spring spirit when you have to dig the chickweed from under the snow.)

Karen Vaughan writes about Nettles! her favorite spring herb, and year long food.  Whether eaten, drunk or flogged on the skin, nettles stir up your vitality.

April Moonflower, at Red Clover Mamma wrote about Herbs and Essential Oils for Emotional Detoxing

Sarah Head has a beautifully insightful post on Emerging from Winter With Herbs, focusing on the emotional side.  Stunning photographs.

Feel free to copy this list to your website, and please visit the sites of the contributors.  I love reading the different approaches our passionate herbalists have to this.

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A special thanks to all participants and readers, and to Herbwifery.org, where the herbal blog parties were born!

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