US First and Last Frost Dates

USDA Zone Map

Dates on this chart are approximations, no one can KNOW the weather, every season is different. Most years, the first and last frost will fall within two weeks of the date on the chart, but some years, we get a very early frost or a late snow storm that throws the dates off.

Difference Between Frost and Freeze

frost on dead nettle

A frost is defined as a covering of minute ice needles, that forms on surfaces at or below freezing. Even if the actual temperature is not freezing, windchill can cause the moisture in a plant to freeze. A freeze, on the other hand, occurs when the temperature drops well below freezing and may or may not include ice crystals.

Plant Hardiness Zone Maps

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is an essential tool for all landscapers and gardeners, whether professionals or weekend do-it-yourselfers. This simple and free tool will help ensure you select only the correct plants, shrubs, or trees for your region. If you do not follow this guide you risk the health of your plant, and …

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