Butterfly Activities for Children

I created this page of links for all things “butterfly”!! It is to help you moms (and us grandmas) find crafts and learning activities for children that like butterflies… and I haven’t met one yet. I hope you find it useful in your fun filled teaching moments with the beautiful children in your lives.

Rachel informs us that 76% of our butterfly species have declined over the past 40 years, so anything that helps spread the word about protecting these little chaps would be massively appreciated. She wrote a helpful and interesting Ultimate Guide to Butterflies.

From colorful butterfly inspired headbands to coloring pages you can find something to please the little butterfly lover in your life!

  • Monarch Coloring Page
    By National Geographic great butterfly coloring page showing the adult stage
    and the butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.
  • Butterfly Headband
    Make this pretty 1960’s inspired paper butterfly headband in a few easy steps.
  • Butterfly Crafts
    17 different butterfly activities for kids! A butterfly coloring page and
    butterfly crafts like making a puppet, origami butterflies and more…
  • Coffee Filter Butterflies
    This easy butterfly craft produces a colorful butterfly!
  • Butterfly Maze
    Print out this maze and help the Monarch fly south for the winter. More on the Monarchs on their Monarch Post
  • Butterfly Learning Activities and Printouts
    Fun butterfly activities for kids including butterfly coloring pages and butterfly crafts.
  • lifecycle of a butterfly

  • Butterfly life cycle and puzzle sheets
    Butterflies are beautiful creatures coming in all shapes, sizes and colors. We have lots of great pages to explore in our butterfly section. Why not study the butterfly life cycle? You could color one of our many butterfly coloring pages or complete one of their many puzzle sheets.
  • Butterflies 2000
    This site has great butterfly games for kids and information on how to keep butterflies at school! Great teacher resource and fun for kids to stop by!
  • Balancing Butterfly Toy
    Fun butterfly craft by the Science Museum of Minnesota
  • All About Butterflies
    This site has all sorts of butterfly activities including butterfly coloring pages to print out, butterfly crafts and information pages.
  • Butterfly Artwork
    This fun butterfly craft by the Science Museum of Minnesota is to create
    a butterfly artwork that fools the eye.
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