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All the herbs grown on our Herb Farm at FarmHomestead are naturally grown without the use of chemicals or are ethically harvested from the wild, hand processed, and shade dried at the height of their potency. Our herbs are simply good for your health, good for your soul, and easy on your pocket book.

7 Reasons to Use Herbs

“Why use herbs?” Considering how fundamental that question is it is certainly not asked enough, nor answered enough for that matter. Here are some thoughts and views to consider, not just for deciding if you want to use more herbs in your life, but also to help you consider the appropriate amount of non-herbal medicine that you want to take.

1. Herbs are our nature, natural health and empowerment allies

Herbs are our nature, deeply connected with us for the thousands of years that humans have used them, so much so that they are intrinsic natural bonds at levels that we are not even aware of. Herbs speak the language of our cells like a rich soil speaks to the flourishing plant from which it grows. The time we live in is unprecedented, in that one of the greatest sources of imbalance is our separation from nature. Like a walk through an ancient forest, herbs are a direct link to nature, our nature. In the world of artificial and synthetic products and food, herbs are authentic family to us. Where artificial synthetic foreign substances are more like Babel, herbs are like Eden.

2. Herbs are time-tested to support our every structure and function

Though our skillful intentional use of herbs likely started thousands of years ago, the documentation of the use of herbs effectiveness to support every aspect of our body/mind goes back (to be sure) 5,000 years. The validity of a scientific testing depends a lot on sample size and test duration. Turmeric (for example) has been used by billions of people for thousands of years, as opposed to synthetic drugs which are tested for a matter of months on only a few hundred people. They are not tested at all for long term effects and safety.

3. Herbs are food and loaded with micronutrients

All healing traditions have long recognized that optimizing diet can heal the majority of imbalances. However, where most of our food is macro-nutrition, meaning it is mainly carbs, fats and proteins, herbs are loaded with micro-nutrients, like vitamins, minerals and special molecules like bioflavonoids and phytoestrogens. Macro-nutrition is more form and fuel supporting and micronutrients are more function and energy supporting. Everybody needs the vast amounts of fabulous micronutrients available in herbs to support greater functionality and robust metabolic energy levels.

4. Herb intelligence enhances our cellular intelligence

When we consume herbs to stop (or entreat) a given action within us often we are borrowing the herbs intelligence and ability to do that action for itself. For example, when we take herbs to boost our immunity we are borrowing the herbs immune system to boost our own. Because plants are so much older than us, their molecular devices and energetic strategies can be more developed and have a broader spectrum of activity, especially when used synergistically with our own inherent strategies.

5. Herbs are the source of modern medicine

Because herbs are such effective and safe medicine, each one often bursting with hundreds of different healing molecules, most pharmaceutical drugs were developed directly from herbs after ethnopharmacological investigations revealed the herbs traditional uses. The original source of medicine is often a healthier and cost effective option and more pro-wellness than artificial imitations.

6. Herbs can be used for market driven sustainability

By buying herbs that are grown in a socially responsible way, biodynamically, the money that you are spending on those herbs is directly going to support a healthier, purer and more powerful earth and much more empowered farmers.Organic biodynamic herbs are simply good for you and good for the planet and good for the farmer. This is market driven sustainability, where the dollars of the consumer determines what will survive in this world.

7. Herbs work on physical and energetic levels of our being

Though we tend to be fixated on the physical, we are more the spirit within the physical body than some state of physicality. Successful medicine should address that which embodies us, our bodies, and also that which we are, our spirits. Plant medicine is Spirit medicine.

To a large extent the question of “Why use herbs for medicine?” actually segues quickly into an inquiry of what health truly is, and if health is about a natural state of empowered harmonious balance then where do we find our allies to health and what will the nature of those allies be?
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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease" ~ Thomas Jefferson