The ideal emergency preparedness food: Sprouts

ideal emergency preparedness food-sprouts

Sprouts are THE ideal emergency preparedness food! Given the rapidity with which critical global events are unfolding, preparedness just makes good sense. The question isn’t whether or not to be prepared – it is what to be prepared for? Earthquakes, nuclear accidents, tsunamis, power outages and gasoline shortages have been on this week’s menu. Each, …

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Five Must Have Supplies for Your Disaster Preparedness

first aid kit

It doesn’t matter where you live, what your personal situation is, or what type of disasters you may potentially face, there are some basic supplies everyone should have on hand “just in case”. Not being prepared for an emergency is bad planning for life, in general; “failing to plan is planning to fail” and all …

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Using A Root Cellar to Preserve Food

Using a root cellar to preserve food is a practice used for many centuries. With cold weather upon us, everyone should be working to save their harvest, either by storing or preserving. Canning, drying, and freezing, are good ways of preserving your crops such as beans, corn, peas, peppers, summer squash, and tomatoes. They need …

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Harvesting and Storing Winter Squash

acorn squash harvest

Harvest winter squash no later than the 1st or 2nd light frost as fruit can be damaged with prolonged exposure to temperature under 50 degrees F. When mature, squash cannot be dented with a fingernail. Fruit should be fully mature before storage. Immature squash will spoil quickly. When cutting off the vine, leave 2″ of …

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The Root Cellar

root storage in root cellar

What comes up must go down… Unearthing the Contemporary Root Cellar By Anne Dailey & photography by Jennifer May As we evolve as a society, various tools and technologies disappear from our daily lives, rendered obsolete by modern innovation. Butter churns, horse-drawn wagons, stone foundations and cast iron cook stoves faded first from use, then …

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