Organic Weed Control

Although much has been heard about organic weed prevention and its benefits, there are still people who seem skeptic about it. Is it really any good? This question is just among the recurring questions that you can encounter regarding organic weed control process. Organic weed prevention uses different process of controlling the growth of unwanted …

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Control Cabbage Worms Organically

cabbage worm damage on cabbage

Did you have beautiful cabbage plants yesterday? Did you come out to your lovely organic garden this morning to this… Cabbage worms can do damage to the entire cruciferous (cabbage) family of plants but definitely prefer cabbage and cauliflower; also Alyssum and Nasturtium in the flower garden. They frequently damage turnips, kale, collards, radishes, and …

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Heirloom Tomatoes and Disease Resistance

tomatoes on cutting board

Unlike hybrid tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes have not been tested and bred for disease resistance. For this reason, they may or may not have some natural resistance to various diseases. However, it is beneficial to remember that these unique varieties would not have been saved if they were not both productive and tasty. You can give …

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