Results From Your Garden Soil Test

The soil test results will provide you with information on the availability of nutrients in your soil. The routine soil test costs $15.00. The test measures and makes recommendations for the following major nutrients: P (phosphorus); K (potassium); Ca (Calcium); Mg (Magnesium) and five micronutrients. In addition, the routine test determines the soil pH and makes recommendations on how to raise or lower the pH. Less frequently needed tests that are available at an additional cost include organic matter and soluble salts.

A soil test result does not usually contain test results for the presence of N (nitrogen). Nitrogen can quickly move out of the root zone of the soil by downward movement of water or by plant uptake. Due to nitrogen’s potential for rapid changes in availability in the soil, a soil test may show nitrogen levels that no longer exist. Soil Testing Laboratories still provide nitrogen fertilizer recommendations. The recommendations are based on years of
research that has determined plant nitrogen needs.

When testing is complete, a report is mailed to you and a copy is sent to the Agriculture Extension Agent for your county or city. Supplemental notes are also sent with the report. The notes explain the technical terms used in the report and provide extra details on fertilizer application schedules and rates for specific kinds of plants. Feel free to contact your Extension Agent for more help on sampling, interpreting soil test results, and understanding how to implement them.

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