Community Supported Agriculture

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)? Problem statement: People in the U.S. and other industrialized countries walk into a supermarket and buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats without knowing anything about the kind of farm where the food was grown, or how far the food had to travel to get to the grocery store. This …

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The Animal Farm Accountability Question

If you don’t belong to the ‘grist mill’ perhaps you should at least read this article… Old Big Brother Had a Farm I liked Mary Zanoni, executive director of Farm for Life’s bottom line… “Zanoni sums up the views of many independent farmers: “Real food security comes from raising food yourself or buying from a …

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Vermicomposting? What’s THAT? Composting with vermin?


Vermicomposting? Aaaaaa hahaha… honest to God, that’s the first thing that went through my mind when I first saw the word. I’m SO not kidding. But it’s meaning is this… “the use of specially bred earthworms, esp. to aerate soil and convert organic matter into compost; also called vermicuture” vermi = worm culture Sounds sort …

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How to Build a Worm Bin

earthworm on soil

Why Build a Worm Bin? helps reduce waste disposal cost raise worms for fishing no foul smell or pests provides a convenient method for converting kitchen vegetable wastes into a rich organic fertilizer for your plants. great high protein chicken food It’s EASY to build a good worm bin! Get vermicomposting in five easy steps: …

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Community Garden Resources List

community garden

Most communities are full of people who would like to make a difference. Take the time to survey your community to discover what is already being done. Explore these community garden resources. Find the need in your community and make a difference. Community Garden Resources List Starting Your Own Community Garden Starting a Community Garden …

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Community Food Security

This PSA could have been from any town…. the information is notable. Community gardens and community food security is important. Teach a man to fish… Tulsa Food Security Council and Local Economic Development Katie Plohocky was April’s featured guest for First Thursdays! at Elote Cafe on Thursday, April 5 from 12:30-2:00 PM. She presented about …

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The High Cost of Animal Agriculture

Thanks to Susan Weiner at Farm Sanctuary for pointing us to that organization’s network of websites — this has to be one of the most comprehensive resources available on factory farming, animal rights, vegetarianism, and many other related topics. Some of the more interesting resources found were the information from on the environmental and …

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