DIY Back Pain Solutions

If you’re like most people, you want to avoid surgery if at all possible. That’s why you should try some DIY back pain solutions that have been known to work to ease the pain you may be experiencing. When you’re experiencing back pain, it can make you feel frustrated because it often limits what you …

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Awareness for Survival

concert crowd violence

While an unpleasant topic, never forget… “Chance favors the prepared.” When it comes to dangerous situations where mass murders are more likely to occur, most people are completely unprepared. You’ll even hear news accounts where witnesses will remark that they never suspected or never saw the situation coming. But by having awareness, you can raise …

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How To Make and Use Dandelion Flower Infused Oil

dandelion- the first bee food of spring

Dandelion flower infused oil is a “spring thing”. Just be sure to leave some flowers for the bees! Dandelion flowers just grow anywhere and everywhere! For some inexplicable reason, people want them eradicated from their yard, I have never understood why. The broad sweeping green of lawn is simply uninteresting and bland without the presence …

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Why is Indoor Plant Nursery a Boon to Health?

indoor plants are good for your health

Gone are the days when indoor plants would be treated as just another piece of furniture and left in a corner. Today, we are more open to the concept and the benefits of having an indoor plant nursery and their advantages simply outweigh the work involved. The most important aspect of keeping an indoor plant …

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