Scientists Discover That Plants Communicate via Symbiotic Root Fungi

Soil & Compost
I rarely recopy articles in their entirety to share on this blog, but this one is so awesome, I wanted everyone to see it for sure. Organic gardening is NOT over-rated. It is not strictly for "tree huggers" and vegetarians, it is not a fad or "so 70's", it is critical for health and the well being of humanity. By Dr. Mercola Human arrogance has always assumed we are evolutionarily superior to plants, but it appears that modern science may be the antidote to this egocentric view. Researchers in the UK have discovered an extensive underground network connecting plants by their roots, serving as a complex interplant communication system... a “plant Internet,” if you will. One organism is responsible for this amazing biochemical highway: a type of fungus called mycorrhizae.…
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