Life is a Stage and We Are Stuntmen

… from the Natural Handyman Every now and then I wonder, “Will I be found out?” Ever have the sense that you are in the wrong place, or that you really aren’t who everyone thinks you are? Perhaps you are a businessman, a nurse or postal worker. You get up every morning and do the …

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Dealing With Earwigs in the Garden


What IS an earwig? There are more than twenty species of earwigs in the United States. Some species produce a foul smelling liquid that they use for defense. Earwigs also produce a pheromone (scent). Scientists believe that this pheromone is the reason that earwigs cluster together in large numbers. Everyone has probably seen an earwig …

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Colorado Potato Beetles

colorado potato beetle

Errrr… Colorado Potato Beetles I have grown potatoes in many parts of the United States and until this year did I have a single potato beetle show up for dinner. I am dead serious. Never. I have always heard about potato beetles I even looked them up once in an old class book from my …

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