How to Raise Soil pH

Soil & Compost
How To Make the Soil More Alkaline What causes soil acidity? A commonly asked question. There are four major reasons for soils to become acidic: rainfall and leaching, acidic parent material, organic matter decay, and harvest of high-yielding crops. Wet climates have a greater potential for acidic soils. In time, excessive rainfall leaches the soil profile's basic elements (calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium) that prevent soil acidity. Soils that develop from weathered granite are likely to be more acidic than those developed from shale or limestone. Organic matter decay produces hydrogen ions (H+), which are responsible for acidity (an ion is a positively or negatively charged element). Like that from rainfall, acidic soil development from decaying organic matter is insignificant in the short term. Harvest of high-yielding crops plays the…
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Innovative Recycled Garden Tools

Having your very own home garden does not only translate to sweating under the intense heat of the sun toiling, weeding and growing flowers and plants but would also mean spending your hard earned cash on home garden tools that may not at all come that cheap. But then again, there is a way around these costs. There always is, if you are imaginative and innovative enough. You may not even have to look and search that far. Your kitchen or perhaps your waste basket may hold the very solution to your garden tools expense predicament. No need to mop and think long and hard on how. Here are a few creative tips. Yogurt containers usually go straight to the trash as soon as we scoop out that last spoon…
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