7 Required Components of a Compost Pile

compost layers

Compost, made from decomposed grass clippings, leaves, twigs, and branches, becomes a dark, crumbly mixture of organic matter. Learn how composting works. Even a newbie to composting can make good quality compost. It can be compared to cooking as art or part science. The following 7 factors will help you master the art of composting. …

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Easy Steps to Composting

compost layers

It is becoming more and more obvious these days that we need to recycle as much as we can, and anyone with a garden has a head start and can make a great contribution. To many novice gardeners, this subject can be somewhat difficult to grasp; but in fact it is really straightforward – there …

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Greenhouse Gardening Montana Style

greenhouse construction

These are some of the elements that must be considered in order to really get the maximum potential out of your greenhouse or sunroom: the type of greenhouse you want whether it be a cold house, portable greenhouse, hobby greenhouse a greenhouse kit or a large or a mini greenhouse, the greenhouse construction and it’s …

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Organic Gardening…The Better Way to Grow

heirloom tomatoes

Organic vegetable gardening, the benefits to you and your family are huge. Would you rather eat fresh lush vegetables without the fear of insecticides and chemicals? Would you like to feed your family a natural food, full of antioxidants and vitamins? Organic vegetable gardening is your one and only answer. Have you ever seen soil …

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Enrich Soil Naturally – How To Make Compost

Anyone who prefers to buy their vegetables and flowers from the local grocery store will have a difficult time understanding the gardener’s delight digging into a smelly pile of compost, or having a truck load of manure dumped in their yard. Really, who in their right mind, would pay to have a substance excreted by …

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