Can anyone say ‘Grass Clippings’?

Organic Gardening, Our Homestead, Soil & Compost
I was bringing my daughter home from a birthday part for one of the children she babysits for... We passed a man on a riding mower going over what looked to be a good two acres of smooth green grass... it was beautiful. As we got closer, I realized he was BAGGING it. And of course, my composting mind went to, "I wonder what he DOES with all that grass?" And I started slowing down... My daughter (used to these shenanigans) said, 'Mooooom, nooooooo!' I said, "I'll only be a minute!" And I stopped and introduced myself to a man named Eugene. He proceeded to tell me about the 'old man' that he regularly delivers his 'green gold' to, that makes beautiful compost. But the old man had only recently…
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Green Run aMUCK.

Growing Food, Organic Gardening, Our Homestead, Soil & Compost
Okay, so last year I was begging for rain. They said Oklahoma was the driest it had been since the dust bowl. But THIS year, oh my... like they say, be careful what you wish for... The two raised beds are entirely tooo small to grow all this 'big stuff' zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, all my favorite summertime munchables. I need to make some new beds for next year... (note to self) As you know from reading about the creation of my garden the raised beds were filled completely with compost, grass clippings, shredded leaves, and a bit of horse manure from the local race track thrown in. Well, have I learned a lesson about compost ingredients this year. Last year most everything just couldn't take the dry summer heat, no…
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