Integrated Pest Management Benefits Farm and Consumer

Organic Gardening, Organic Pest & Disease Control, Small Scale Farming
Today's consumer is educated and more and more people want to know about how their food is treated and where it comes from. Words such as "organic" and "sustainable" that were once reserved for a small population of foodies or environmentalists are now making their way into everyday vocabulary. As a result, farmers are reacting to this new shift in food culture and are learning about alternative growing and treatment methods. For three generations, The Orr Family Farm has been owned and operated by George S. Orr & Sons, Inc. Today, this 1,000-acre farm is managed by Mike and Mark Orr. And, two years ago, Katy Orr-Trenary returned to manage the farm's market. "Our family has a responsibility to the future stewards of our land, and to future customers," she…
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